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Puppy waiting to be trained - Improving dog training through education

Dog training is the application of behaviour analysis by using antecedents and consequences to modify a dog’s behaviour, primarily to help the puppy or dog become socialized and learn particular skills, tasks or responses to specific changes in their internal or external environment — and to prevent the development of behaviour that could significantly compromise the dog’s health and welfare (or put the dog’s life in significant danger). Both training and behaviour consulting are primarily conducted in cooperation with the dog’s guardian. As a result, dog training also refers to teaching guardians about normal dog behaviour, dog communication and dog body language, dog care and teaching guardians how to humanely manage or modify their dog’s behaviour.

Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Dog trainer giving a treat to a husky dog in a sitting position

Behaviour consulting is a specialist application of dog training that focuses on changing behaviour that does not assist the adult dog to participate safely in contemporary domestic and public life (i.e. biting people) and significantly compromises their health and welfare (i.e. separation anxiety, excessive inter-dog aggression).

Some of CAPDT’s members enjoy and are employed teaching others to train their dogs. Some of us are avid trainers of our own pets and others are up-and-coming trainers or behaviour consultants who work to help dogs with difficult issues. CAPDT is proud to be an association that welcomes members from varying backgrounds, working together to further the betterment of dogs and dog training through continued education and shared resources. We pride ourselves on welcoming dog trainers and behaviour consultants from all approaches with a thirst for knowledge, a willingness to share and a commitment to our strong Code of Ethics on how we treat dogs and their guardians.

No matter what your occupation, if you love dogs, and want to learn more about training, you’ve come the right place!
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