Training Resources for Dog Owners

If you are looking to have your new puppy, teenager or adult dog trained – or are looking to have fun with your dog in sports like agility, rally, flyball and more, you’ve come to the right place.

We have a variety of training resources — in fact, you can have access to the same resources as our professional trainers! 

$95 Associate Membership to CAPDT provides you with free webinars, lists of video examples of how to train specific behaviours, training theory, discounts on equipment and more – including a train-at-home curriculum for your puppy and family manners training for a young dog.

Smiling Asian family with dog - Training resources for dog owners to help them have fun with their dogs

We also suggest you have a quick look at the article on how to ‘Choose and Find a Trainer’ or visit our “Find a Trainer” directory to locate a professional near you.  Getting a professional to support your training is valuable!  Professional trainers have experience in teaching people and dogs and can wade through the details to select the information you need immediately to make a difference for you and your dog!

We also welcome you to review our “Training Articles” page for free articles on puppy socializing and dog training.