Why join CAPDT?

Unlike local groups of trainers or U.S./International organizations like the APDT where Canadian members have little voice, CAPDT serves as the national voice for the dog training profession in Canada. Our members are dedicated to excellence within the profession and to the humane training of dogs. 

National Scope – Many governments and international associations liaise with other national associations, not local groups.  We conduct national-level discussions and share the results with members.  We collaborate with other groups to contribute to effective, efficient and strong trainer support & representation in key areas where our voices need to be heard. We also offer support to members when they talk to their local municipality or economic development area.  We can provide stats, advice on how to prepare letters and examples of approaches taken by other areas – around Canada and internationally.

We also keep an eye on international issues that may soon have ripple effects in Canada.  We share with our members research updates from around the globe specializing in dog training and behaviour.

The development of CAPDT position statements is another important area. A position statement is developed when an emerging or controversial issue is identified. These are normally issues of national and potentially international significance (e.g., breed-specific legislation, types of recommended training, certification for dog trainers). The positions are developed with the assistance of expert opinion to reflect the current science, societal expectations, the position of other sister organizations (such as veterinary groups, various international associations of dog trainers, the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants in the U.S. and more).  They reflect input from our members.  Ultimately, these positions will reflect the direction that dog training is heading in Canada. National and local bylaws may be influenced by or even use a position statement when making new laws.

There are tremendous benefits that can occur through collaboration and dialogue with other stakeholders in the Canadian pet industry. 

A list of all the members only benefits

We offer business-specific benefits as well.  Discounts on products and to our conferences and educational events, lower-cost access to insurance, and more.  See the list below.  With regards to coronavirus, here are some 2020 compilations of federal and provincial support for small and medium-sized dog trainers and businesses along with mental wellness supports and resources.

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