CAPDT was created to give dog obedience trainers a network of fellow professionals — to provide a forum where dog trainers can be educated, exchange and generate ideas and network with their colleagues.

In 1993, a very small group of dog trainers gathered to discuss the feasibility of forming an Association.  By mid-1994, an Executive was in place, a mandate was drawn up, by-laws to facilitate the running of day-to-day business of the Association were hammered out and a Code of Ethics for members was voted on and passed by the existing membership. By the end of 1997, the Association boasted a membership of almost 300 and continued to grow.

Dog shaking its paw with a dog trainer - fostering the concept of dog-friendly and humane training techniques across Canada.

Our Mandate
We want to further the concept of dog-friendly and humane training techniques across Canada.  We endeavour to provide links to educational opportunities, peer networking, and give trainers a space for event advertising of the highest quality. 

How do we accomplish this?

We sponsor learning opportunities, provide on-line resources and increase public awareness of dog-friendly and humane training techniques by reaching out to stakeholder communities such as Veterinarians, Animal Health Technologists, shelters and dog owners.

Members hail from coast to coast. Our membership comes in many flavours, from:

  • the trainer who makes their living in the world of dog training (from service dog training, puppy classes and general obedience to competition & sport training)
  • the hobbyist who runs classes once a week
  • the dedicated owner who trains multiple dogs for CKC / AKC obedience competition

Board of Directors

Profile picture of ScarlettChair – Scarlett MacKenzie (she/her) CPDT-KA, FFCP (Trainer) Owner and head trainer of Nice Dog, Scarlett! 

Vice Chair – Megan Stanley (she/her) CPDT-KSA, CBCC-KA, FFCP (Trainer) Founder/President of Dogma Training & Dogma Academy

Secretary – Tabea Stawitz BSc, CPDT-KA Trainer and Owner at Gentle Paws Animal Services

TreasTreasurerurer -Helen Prinold B. Comm., M.Sc.- Animal Behaviour and Welfare, University of Guelph CPDT-KA, CDBC Lead Trainer at Dog Friendship Inc. 

Director At LArge
Director-at-Large – Carla Simon, BSc, MD, MBA | CEO at Hunter’s Heart Scent Detection Canines

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