Ethics, Bylaws & Complaints

Together, our Code of Ethics and Bylaws provide members with a framework of principles supporting professionalism, skills and values in dog training.  Members commit they will:

  • Employ and promote only humane techniques in the training of dogs.
  • Be forthcoming with a realistic estimate of costs and time required for the training.
  • More commitments and the details can be found in these links above.

Important Notes:

  • Any member is subject to termination of membership if they have been convicted under any federal or provincial laws governing the inhumane treatment of animals.
  • Non-members may not use any CAPDT Logo trademark without written permission from the CAPDT. 
  • Members must use the logo as reflected in our Logo Use Guidelines.

Handling Code of Ethics and Bylaw Violations

The process for filing, investigating, and resolving complaints of unethical conduct or by-law violations is described in the Policy and Procedures for Handling Violations of the CAPDT Code of Ethics and By-Laws.

Any person may lay a complaint against a CAPDT member who they believe is not acting in accordance with our Code of Ethics and Bylaws at any time.  To begin the complaints process, please review the above copy of our policy and procedures for handling complaints and then use our contact page to email us with the details of your concern.

Members who have been advised a complaint has been received about them are also encouraged to review the above policy and procedures.

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